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STEM & ESports

Video Games are centric to our program - we use them as an anchor point of interest to teach students STEM topics like 3D modeling, animation, coding & programming. 

eSports introduces a new level of social-emotional learning. Children learn strategic thinking, teamwork, leadership, and the benefits of training for competition. eSports also provides children with new sources of extracurricular engagement, pride in participating in their school, and even college scholarship opportunities


$35.4 Billion

...dollars were generated by the video game industry for 2019 in the US. This market supports careers in software engineering, graphic design, animation, project management, writing, programming, and so much more than just playing games.

ISTE Standards

Students that participate in eSports learn to be; Empowered Learners, Digital Citizens, Knowledge Constructors, Innovative Designers, Computational Thinkers, Creative Communicators, and Global Collaborators.

STRONG Community is created through eSports. Frequent situations of helping each other in and out of games lead to strong friendships and emotional & esteem support, especially with the guidance of a knowledgeable coach.

Why STEM Forged?

Introducing a full-fledged eSports program requires time, effort, know-how, and funds. Many schools and teachers are simply too busy with the massive workload COVID has left them with, or aren't confident in running an eSports program.

Whether it's run from a dedicated eSports facility, or from students logging into their home computers - we provide the content, staff, team organization, event management, practice schedules, lessons & peripheral training, tech support, and competition.
In short, we handle everything.

STEM Forged remotely teaches in your classroom, after-school, or at-home. All programs are customized to school's needs

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...of schools participating in STEM Forged eSports. Students experience interstate competition through scrimmages and tournaments. All events are managed by us and exclusive to STEM Forged schools.

Add Game Design

Check out our Game Design STEM Program. It's a perfect complement to an eSports program. Kids learn the STEM of game design; 3D modeling, animation, coding, programming, and more. 

Equip your School

...with a complete eSports program. No matter the size of your school or district, STEM Forged brings the best. No extra hours, guesswork, or trying to find help - we handle everything from the ground up.

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