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Empowering Students and Educators through
Game-Centered Learning


At STEM Forged, we are passionate about bridging the gap in education through the exciting world of esports, game design, and gamified learning.


Our mission is to empower schools that may be lacking in resources and expertise by delivering comprehensive programs that engage and inspire students.


We firmly believe that every student deserves access to cutting-edge educational experiences, and that's why we offer tailored programs that harness the power of gaming to cultivate valuable skills and knowledge.


Beyond our innovative programs, we provide a powerful software platform that seamlessly delivers, monitors, and manages game-centered learning initiatives both within and outside the traditional classroom setting.


Join us in shaping the future of education, where learning and fun come together to unlock limitless potential. accredited educational program
bbb accredited business
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Personal development alongside gaming skill.

Game Design

Multidisciplinary and transferrable creativity.

EDU Games

Engaging learning across many topics.

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Grant Hathaway, CEO of STEM Forged

Grant Hathaway


Favorite Game: Mount and Blade

Markus Nigrin

Markus Nigrin


Favorite Game: Horizon Zero Dawn

Martin Schwarz, CTO of STEM Forged

Martin Schwarz


Favorite Game: Tomb Raider

Ashley Byington, VP of Marketing at STEM Forged

Ashley Byington

VP of Marketing

Favorite Game: Stardew Valley

Mark Eberly, VP of Sales at STEM Forged

Mark Eberly

VP of Sales

Favorite Game: Halo 2

Cole Smith, Director of Curriculum at STEM Forged

Cole Smith

Director of Curriculum

Favorite Game: Ark Survival Evolved

Nikolas Morales, Director of Operations at STEM Forged

Nikolas Morales

Director of Operations

Favorite Game: Portal 2

Izzy Perkins, Operations Coordinator at STEM Forged

Izzy Perkins

Operations Coordinator

Favorite Game: Valorant

Colin Reader, Head of Web at STEM Forged

Colin Reader

Head of Web Development

Favorite Game: Factorio

Colin Falconer, EDU Ambassador at STEM Forged

Colin Falconer

EDU Ambassador

Favorite Game: Age of Empires II

Alex Chaney, Education Consultant at STEM Forged

Alex Chaney

Education Consultant

Favorite Game: Valorant

Zack Zivkovich, Education Consultant at STEM Forged
Aaron Christensen, Education Consultant at STEM Forged
Jessica Beith, Overwatch 2 Curriculum Writer at STEM Forged

Zack Zivkovich

Aaron Christensen

Jessica Beith

Education Consultant
Education Consultant
Curriculum Writer: OW 2

Favorite Game: Paper Mario

Favorite Game: Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

Favorite Game: Overwatch 2

Sabby Bohorquez, Valorant Curriculum Writer at STEM Forged

Sabby Bohorquez

Curriculum Writer: Valorant

Favorite Game: Valorant

Ryan Roth, Rocket League Curriculum Writer at STEM Forged

Ryan Roth

Curriculum Writer: RL

Favorite Game: Rocket League

Joshua William, League of Legends Curriculum Writer at STEM Forged

Joshua William

Curriculum Writer: LoL

Favorite Game: Marvel's Spiderman

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