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3 Simple Communication Skills for Rocket League Players and Coaches

We will talk about communicating during tip off, when centering the ball, and when clearing the ball.

Communicating during tip off

The tip off, or the kick off, is a great place to start practicing your communication in rocket league.

If at the start of the match everyone is just boosting in and trying to make the shot at the same time, your goal is going to be left wide open for the other team to try to make a shot. Instead of doing that, one of the teammates (usually whoever starts out furthest away from the ball) should call out and say "blocking" or "I'm going to block" and move back and play defense while the other two move in and try to make the shot.

If the other team is not communicating and they're all rushing in at the same time, you'll have a shot at a wide open goal. So communicating with your team and saying "blocking", "shooting", or "I'm going to block/shoot" will give you an advantage over a team that's not communicating.

Centering the ball

The next strategy you can try is calling out when you are centering the ball.

Centering is basically hitting the ball into the center of the field in front of your opponent's goal. If you call that out, then your teammates will know to set themselves up to potentially make a shot in front of the goal.

If you're not communicating and everyone is trying to go for the ball, they might end up crashing into you or accidentally blocking the shot that you're trying to set up.

Calling out and saying "centering" when you're putting the ball in front of the goal is a great way to get an advantage in the game. Working together and communicating will help you play better!

Clearing the ball

Essentially, clearing the ball means that you are clearing it from your side of the field. You are moving it off of your side and onto the opponent's side.

If you are communicating and call "clearing", you are letting your teammates who are on the opponent's side of the field know that they don't need to waste their boosts trying to block. Instead they can get ready for the incoming ball or setup for a shot.

If everyone is going for the ball while you are trying to clear it out, you can crash or the ball can go flying to the side of the field. Just letting your teammates know "clearing" will help you set up some shots you may not be able to get otherwise.

These strategies for communicating and calling our shots in Rocket League will help your game play and level up your esports team!

Check out our YouTube video about these 3 communication strategies on our channel if you want to see them in action with gameplay!

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