Like music lessons, but for Game Design

Real STEM fields like 3D modeling, animating, programming, graphic design, and more are all taught through a lens that kids love - video games!

STEM Forged coaches work with students online in an individualized, project-based, and student-led experience. We are the online master-smiths who teach our apprentices tools of the digital forge!

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Fernanda B.

Nik is great! He is so helpful and patient. My son loves & enjoys working with Nik!

Kristin V.

Cole is always amazing with Ethan. I couldn't ask for a better instructor for my son.

Christy N.

These guys work so hard for these kids! They are teaching up to date, relevant skills.

It is EXTREMELY flexible and VERY affordable especially for the quality of the classes. 

Valerie C.


Just out of the Forge:
roject Spotlight

"Having FUN is the best way to LEARN."
~Albert Einstein

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