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"I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoyed working with Stem Forged this summer. The program went above and beyond my expectations. I received nothing but positive feedback from our families. I can also tell you as a parent, my son thoroughly enjoyed his time in the program. He’s excited that we will be continuing our partnership this fall as we develop a coding/eSports program at our middle schools.

He’ll be the first to sign up!"

Matthew Johnston

STEM Director, CA

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Trained and Qualified Instructors Remotely Operate All Programs and Courses. 



Data and security are a top priority, and students learn how to be safe online.



Ensuring teachers, parents, and students can all get the best experience.



No added work for school administrators, STEM Forged handles everything.



Proven and project-based learning that covers a variety of STEM subjects.



Bring kids together in virtual events to collaborate or compete.

9 in 10 americans

think afterschool programs are important, and 8 in 10 parents (83 percent) support public funding for afterschool programs and want to see all levels of government to commit funding.*

Parents of 19.1 Million

children would send their child to an afterschool program—if one were available, and nearly 9 out of 10 voters are concerned that children are unsupervised after school with too much unstructured time.*

Less than 25%

of American families fit the “traditional” family image. 77 percent of mothers with school-age children are employed. The gap between work and school schedules can amount to as much as 25 hours per week. *

rethink extracurricular activity

Student's excitement for Video Game Design is matched or exceeded by eSports. STEM Forged has always had the mission of using what speaks to kids as a tool to educate them. eSports is the next obvious step.


Participating in an eSports team provides students with a controlled social environment, and opportunities to introduce them to the many professional aspects of an eSports program; Branding, leadership, marketing, sportsmanship, event management, networking, and much more are added to the large list of skills they learn from Video Game Design. It gives them an entirely different experience when playing the games they love; changing their recreation into their personal development.


The life skills they need,

on the playing field they know