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Lesson Plans for Teachers and for districts

Technology is evolving at a staggering pace, and the knowledge required to keep our children's education up-to-date becomes more fragmented every day. Our remote-learning programs provide you with an ecosystem of software, curriculum, and processes that help connect your students to expertise while allowing teachers to do what they do best.

Creating your own lesson plans is now easier than ever.

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Built for Teachers,
By Teachers

We aim to help alleviate the pressures on teachers and support staff by providing high quality in depth lesson plans. Whether you are a teacher at a public, private, charter school or starting your own we're here to support!

The lesson plans feature:
  • Overview with what is in the lesson 
  • Agenda with activities and discussion points
  • Playable Quiz games 
  • and more!

Privacy is our priority

Our system is built with security in mind. We keep info of all your staff and students private. Only information you want public is shared.

The lesson plans you create are private to you. If you do want to share those lesson plans you can download them as PDFs or even share through the platform itself with a click.
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Take your classroom to the next level

Engage students with game-based curriculum with ease. The Portal works as a gradebook, scheduler and more.

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