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Grant Hathaway

Grant is a teacher at heart - it's been the last few years that he has moved out of teaching and into management and ownership of STEM Forged. He has always loved playing games and not taking himself too seriously.

He holds a degree from BSU in Multidisciplinary Studies that encompasses STEM fields as well as entrepreneurial leadership. 

He has three young children, an amazing wife, a dog, and a cat.

My favorite games are the ones with detail - any detail; whether it's the visual art, or controls, or even intensive mechanics of a game, I love seeing game developers push themselves to the limit to create something that stands out.
But if I HAD to choose one it would be the Mechwarrior games from the 90's. 
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Something I learned late? 
Dungeons & Dragons is an incredible game.
Some of the STEM Forged play weekly and it is an absolute HOOT!