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Collectibles and Enemies Part 1

We'll be using Unity to create interactive objects in a 3D environment!

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Collectibles and Enemies Part 1
Collectibles and Enemies Part 1


Apr 15, 2021, 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM




15 min - Class and Unity Introduction

10 min - Scene Creation

20 min - C# Scripting

15 min - Student Application

What Students Learn

Unity Interface 

Script Creation

C# Scripting

Unity Interactions

What Students Create

A scene in the Game Engine Unity that has collectible objects present and allows interaction with their environment.

Real-World Application

Unity is a leading game engine that has been used to create popular games like Valheim and is a great tool for building our own games. Students that have an understanding of how these game engines handle interactions are very well suited to create their own games and to continue learning in Unity! 

What's Next?

Students who complete this Class are well equipped to continue on with the Part 2 of this Class and will have a basic understanding of scripting and relations between objects in Unity. 

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