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Design Challenge

Using game design as an anchor for all of our educational content provides a perfect opportunity for project-based learning, Each subject is focused on delivering creative content.

Design challenges give students additional motivation and peer support to try additional disciplines. Students are given a list of parameters to complete and instruction is targeted towards equipping them with the skills they need to complete the challenge. The challenge ends with several projects selected to be showcased.

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9 in 10 americans

think afterschool programs are important, and 8 in 10 parents (83 percent) support public funding for afterschool programs and want to see all levels of government to commit funding.*

Parents of 19.1 Million

children would send their child to an afterschool program—if one were available, and nearly 9 out of 10 voters are concerned that children are unsupervised after school with too much unstructured time.*

Less than 25%

of American families fit the “traditional” family image. 77 percent of mothers with school-age children are employed. The gap between work and school schedules can amount to as much as 25 hours per week. *

Why STEM Forged?

Kids love video games (obviously). What these kids don't know is that there's an entire world of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math that makes video games possible. We funnel the excitement of video games into a passion for learning the STEM that makes them possible.

We teach your students remotely, whether in-class or after school. Our program gives students the attention that they need, without loading teachers up with new software and technology demands. 

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We use industry standard software that is used by professionals and universities. There are many options out there, and we've done the work so you don't have to be a professional animator, programmer, or game designer to prepare your students to be one.


The natural affinity for technology and games is a perfect hook for kids to begin exploring the amazing world of STEM. Many kids don't even realize they're invested in learning because they are so focused on accomplishing their goals with us.

Skill Set

Video games have gone through some bad publicity, but have proven to be a solid career choice, especially because the interdisciplinary nature of game design sets children up to specialize in other fields outside of game design.

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